Welcome to our exceptional Chinese skewer restaurant, where we take pride in our expertise in crafting delectable lamb kebabs, alongside an array of tantalizing options such as beef, chicken, and seafood, all prepared on our innovative rotating grill.

At our establishment, we go beyond the ordinary by offering a diverse menu inspired by the culinary traditions of northeastern Jilin Province, China. Prepare to embark on a remarkable dining experience, as we invite you to savor the authentic flavors and rich heritage of this remarkable region.

Featured Menu

Mala Tang

Spicy hot pot is a traditional dish originating from Sichuan. The spirit of the spicy hot pot is the soup stock, so it smells drooling and tastes delicious.

Pork & Cilantro

This recipe is a Hunan home cooked dish that’s a regular on their dinner table. Delicious strips of pork combined with the distinctive taste of coriander it’s full of flavor with a very special taste.

Beef & Cucumber

We choose beef with less fat and fresh cucumbers that are crunchy. We mix it with a sweet and sour taste sauce. Served chilled

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